SUN SHEN Instructors

and Healers

Sifu Joseph Wang
Lineageholder and Head Tai-Chi Instructor

Originally from Taiwan, Sifu Joseph Wang has been practicing SUN SHEN Tai-Chi since 2003, is a disciple of Master Sang Kim and his Senior Tai-Chi Student. After completing the Tai-Chi System, he began teaching in 2005. His specialty is body mechanics and movement, and he is an excellent resource for practice questions and individual instruction.

Programs Offered: Tai-Chi Conditioning and Pushing Hands, Individual Consultations
Samo Joanna Myers
Lineageholder and Head Healing Disciple

Samo Myers is a disciple and Senior Student of SUN SHEN Founder Master Sang Kim, and a practitioner of the SUN SHEN Healing System. Samo brings her experience with movement as a classically trained violist, and over 10 years a a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher into her work with the SUN SHEN System. Her passion is to listen deeply and tap into a person’s ability to change quickly, effortlessly, and permanently.

Programs Offered: One Prayer Class, Awareness Through Movement, Individual Consultations
Pastor Alexis Neuhaus
Lineageholder and Head Scriptures Disciple

Pastor Alexis Neuhaus is a Senior Disciple of SUN SHEN Founder Master Sang Kim, a Tai-Chi Instructor and a practitioner of the SUN SHEN Healing System. After leaving Princeton University to embark on a journey of spiritual realization which led him to Hindu Ashrams, translating for Shipibo Indian Shamans in the Jungles of Peru, and studies with lineage holders in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, he met his Teacher, Master Kim. He is passionate about studying and teaching the SUN SHEN System.

Programs Offered: SUN SHEN Nei-Gong, SUN SHEN Chi Clinic, Individual Consultations
SiJie Jan Katz
Tai-Chi Instructor

Sijie Jan Katz is a senior student of Master Sang Kim. She holds a black belt in Aikido, which she has been studying for 37 years, and is trained in the Japanese sword (Bokken), staff (Jo) and knife (Tanto). Her teachers include Kyoshi Kevin Blok of Aikido Canada/Yoshinkai and the late Sensei Takashi Kushida (z”l) of Aikido Yoshokai. She graduated from Concordia University with a BA from the Haab School of Business and an MS in Organizational Leadership. SiJie retired from performing symphonic choral music, now she enjoys singing for her husband, three cats and neighbors passing by her garden.

Programs Offered: Tai-Chi for Arthritis
Jonathan Buckman
Tai-Chi Instructor

Jonathan Buckman is a senior student of SUN SHEN Founder Master Sang Kim, and a lifetime student of Martial Arts. He is also a social worker, and chess teacher to over 2,000 children (and counting!)

Programs Offered: Kid's Tai-Chi
DaJie Ann-Margaret Giovino
Tai-Chi Instructor

DaJie Ann-Margaret Giovino is a senior student of SUN SHEN Founder Master Sang Kim. In teaching Tai-Chi, she brings to bear expertise in strength training, alignment, and connected movement from a background in competitive Power Lifting, where she held top titles in the State of Michigan and won an International Gold Medal, and years of experience as a personal trainer and Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist. She is the owner of Ann Arbor’s first woman owned and operated, serious strength training gym, Gym Giovino, where she teaches and sees individual clients.