The Non-Dual State

The Non-Dual State is where you are appreciate of everything happening in your experience frame.  I’m not saying you love it, I’m saying you appreciate it’s there.

Everything that happens in your mind is not real, it’s how you mind interprets what’s happening. Everything that’s in your mind is yours. If something is happening within your mind and you’re fighting against it because you don’t like what part of your mind is doing, you’re divided against yourself.  If you’re divided against yourself, how can you find a solution that can only come when you’re whole and undivided?

Let’s say you’re blaming yourself.  Can you find a solution? Go back into your past and see whether you have ever found a meaningful solution if you blamed yourself.  How about if you blame someone else? When you’re blaming yourself, aren’t you fighting yourself?  When was the last time you felt peace blaming someone else?

So what is a fully appreciative mind?  A mind that’s non-dual? A mind that appreciates that the negative experience is there.  You’re not appreciative of what’s going on, you’re appreciative that your mind can pick it up.  

Do you like awareness or do you like non-awareness?  What if your awareness is making you feel terrible? It’s giving you valuable feedback of what’s going on. My only question is, are you grateful for having awareness, or would you like to not have awareness?

These are the kinds of questions that a non-dual person asks, because it gives you real answers.  It gives you answers beyond positivity and negativity.

If I feel bad, I don’t need to appreciate feeling bad.  But I can really appreciate that my mind is picking up feeling bad.  Because if my mind can’t pick it up, there is no solution. I’m not asking you to appreciate something you can’t appreciate.  We need to be appreciative of that which we can appreciate. The most fundamental thing of your experience you need to appreciate about your experience is that it’s there and it’s telling you something.

Whether you’re experiencing anger, sadness, contempt, jealousy, resentment, shame, disgust, can you appreciate that you have them, and what they might be telling you?

A fully appreciative mind is a mind that doesn’t resist it’s own self. Whatever it is we’re going through, most of us want to stuff it down, because we feel it’s stopping us from what we want to do.  But if it becomes the enemy, how can we understand it? It is already a part of you.  And it’s all happening within your mind.  Because whatever you’re noticing is within your mind.  You’re not fighting someone else. When someone is disrespecting you, it’s not someone else, it’s you not knowing how to relate with the experience of disrespect in your mindframe.  If you knew how to deal with it, would you have any issues?

We treat our mind as if it’s on the outside and we fight it, but we have zero answers.  Because whatever we feel we’re fighting on the outside, we’re fighting our own mind. If you really understand this, you stop resisting your mind.  Because whatever is happening in your mindframe you realize has already happened and is yours.  And you start taking full responsibility for it and it’s yours, and that’s very powerful. There are times when things happen in my mind which I don’t like, but it’s perfect.  

The only one that has a problem is my mind.  Not outside of that. Does that mean I don’t ask for help?  No, of course not. Being responsible for your own mind doesn’t mean you don’t get support.  In the areas I need support I get help and feel good about it. But I don’t struggle to ask and my self-esteem isn’t tied to asking for help or not.

You don’t need to handle anything outside your own mind, so it’s simple. This is a non-dual mind, a mind that’s not divided.  A mind that doesn’t try and choose between black and white.  A mind that says, ‘here is the white, here is the black, here are the shades of grey.  What do I want? What is the point that integrates between all of them?’ That brings silence to them and let’s the answer emerge.

Whatever you’re going through, have a fully appreciative mind.  I’m not saying appreciate, because if you could have appreciated, you would have.  Just bring in the awareness of how you’re fighting your own mind. Stop the fight. Stop the violence within you.  That’s what a non-dual mind is. So ask the questions. The questions are what untangles the tangle.

Alexis Neuhaus