Abundance vs. Scarcity

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How do you know when you’re in scarcity mode, and how do you find abundance?

Whenever you start counting, you know you’re in scarcity mode. "Do I have enough?" It doesn’t mean you don’t count, or care in abundance mode. You still care and count, but you care from an abundant place. You count because counting will give you a solution. When you’re in scarcity, you’re trying to not lose. If you’re trying to not lose, you have an issue. You’re not looking at quality, only quantity. Or if you’re looking at quality from losing it, you’re in scarcity mode.

But if you’re looking at your priorities, you’re in abundance, because you’re not afraid to lose. You have so much, you’re not afraid to let go.
A human who looks at their priorities is in a very powerful place. But if you’re looking at, ‘I can’t let go of this, I can't let go of that, how will I do this?’ you’re in scarcity mind.

If you’re in abundance you say, ‘Oh, I’m busy. These are my priorities. I can let go of this over here and that over here.  I have leveled up. I have grown so much, I don’t need this one anymore.’ That’s the beginning of abundant mind. When you start being in abundant mind, something really interesting happens. All of a sudden things flow. Unless you’re in abundance mind, things will not flow. 

In abundant mind, you’re much more likely to see things in long term mode. You look at all the consequences, to see how everything benefits you. Because in abundance, there isn’t anything that can’t benefit you. If you can’t see this, you’re in scarcity mode. If you can’t see why the current challenge you’re going through will benefit you, you’re in scarcity,

Now positive thinking is such a big thing these days, people try and list gratitudes, but they don’t feel it. It’s not specific enough, or it's in an area you don’t care about.  I am thankful for air, because it actually benefits me.  You won’t be grateful unless you can be specific enough to see how that thing is impacting you. ‘I’m grateful for air, because if I wasn’t for air I wouldn’t be breathing. It would be very painful and I would suffer. And I would die, and I’m grateful for my life.’  It takes a lot of specificity to feel a lot of gratitude. And you can only feel gratitude if you can see how it impacts you.

A mind in abundance sees the details in abundance.  A mind in scarcity only sees the snapshots, it misses the details.  When you look at your skin you need to be able to see the pores in your skin. When you look at your clothes you need to be able to see the threads. If not, you’re not in abundance.   In abundance, everything looks beautiful because you’re taking in so much detail.  When you’re rushing, you skip things and can’t be in abundant mode.

You can move very fast in abundance. Moving fast is not the same thing as rushing. You need to move fast without rushing. These are some of the ways to recognize whether you’re in abundance mode or not.

When you’re in abundance mode, your negative emotions seem like a small drop in a vastness of happiness and flow. Negative emotions become really good. You won’t avoid them anymore, because they are precious. They point you to your needs. If you’re trying to escape your negative emotions, you have no abundance, because it means you don’t have any resources. If you’re wallowing in your negative emotions, you don’t have abundance because you’re being a victim and looking for help.

Requesting help is not the same thing as being a victim. You can ask for help from a vulnerable perspective, or from a scarcity perspective. When you’re wanting help from a place of entitlement, you are in scarcity automatically. When you’re asking for help from gratitude, you're in abundance. A person can only be vulnerable in abundance mode, because to really be vulnerable you need safety. Safety means security and security means abundance. If you can get yourself to be vulnerable, you’re getting yourself into abundance.

If you’re asking for help from a place of abundance, you can be assured that you’ll be feeling gratitude or perspective. A sense of rightness.  If you have any negative associations, like resentment, or feeling like a victim, or if you feel entitled, you’re automatically in scarcity. If you ever feel something should be given to you without having to ask, it means you’re feeling entitled. Being a victim or entitled is not a bad thing, it’s the human condition. But if you don’t recognize it, you have no choice.

So if you have judgement about this, again you are in scarcity. In abundance mode you automatically think of exploration. In scarcity mode you think of right and wrong because you can’t afford to make mistakes. There is a right and wrong even when you’re in abundance mode. When you’re in abundance, morality goes away. What comes into being is working things out. But what doesn’t go away is right and wrong when it comes to skill. It either works or it doesn’t. You can’t do it two ways. 

There's a right and wrong when it comes to skill. That’s called Gong-Fu (accumulated care). But there won’t be judgement as to whether you are a good or bad person, or whether you made a mistake or not. The concepts of mistakes go away. What does stay is doing something because you want something. You have clarity. You understand what works to make something work and what doesn’t work. When you’re in abundance mode you don’t necessarily look happy or sad. You are not limited by your expressions. But the way things feel is very different. Whether you’re serious, angry sad or happy, it always feels spacious, and you feel you are in the current of the universe.

When anger comes, it flows through you. When sadness comes, it flows through you. You’re part of anger, part of sadness, part of happiness, but you aren’t anger or sadness or happiness. You just are. It just flows through you.

This is where it gets poetic. But it is just as much science as poetry. In non-duality, which is what I’m talking about, you always have both, because it’s abundant. If you insist on poetry, you’re in scarcity.  When you insist on logic, you’re in scarcity. Only when you are in both is there abundance. When one is lacking and you are insisting, there is no abundance.

But abundance cannot be opposed, because there is truth. It can’t be opposed. It encompasses all things. Even when it alienates, it still encompasses all things.

When that makes sense, you are in abundant mode.

When you are in a state of non-duality you stream from the universe.  And you are connected to your soul.  That is the purpose of the SUN SHEN System. 

Alexis Neuhaus