Your enemy is an answer to your prayer on the path to Enlightenment

Your enemy is an answer to your prayer on your path to enlightenment. Enlightenment is having peace under all circumstances, all conditions. Without the opportunity to practice that peace in the worst of situations, how can we attain it?

We don’t do good things, or kind things because they are easy or because the other person deserves it, or because we have any expectation such action will change the other person. We do it because it is what we do. If the other person is crazy and does not know what they are doing, do we get angry and caught up with them and fight? No, we understand that they can’t do any better and as kindly as we can, we just make sure that they can’t hurt themselves and others.

We need to find action and a way of being that goes beyond getting the kind of response we want to get. If our actions and mind change because we can’t get the kind of response we want, that means our state of mind is dependent on outside circumstances.

Practice your meditation and your peace of mind when you encounter your enemy. Let yourself know that this is your practice. Notice what draws you away from peace. Notice what reason you give to lose your center. Without him or her, there would be no awareness where your holes in your practice and training are. One key thing to remember is that pain is not the same as suffering. When someone is unkind to us, we can feel pain. It is unpleasant. We don’t need to suffer though. Study this distinction and you will find peace.

Alexis Neuhaus