The State of Undivided Attention

The State of Undivided Attention is when you no longer have suffering in your own body. So that means that your mind is ever clear. It’s no longer caught up in thought. It’s no longer caught up in emotions. When they happen they just pass by. It does not mean that they cannot happen, but when you are in the state it stops bothering you. Like something just passing by. It does not affect you anymore. So that’s called the State. And the way you go about achieving the State is through first bringing yourself to intense focus.

Your heart by itself does not suffer. Your heart is so variable. For instance, you’re sick and you’re in bed and you’re feeling miserable and your friends come and all of a sudden, “Boom” you’re happy. You even forget that you’re sick because your friends are visiting you. And then your mom says, “Are you really sick?” And then you remember to feel bad. That’s how variable the heart is. But what is it subject to? If you do enough meditation you find that you leave the heart alone, something interesting happens. You notice that your heart is always joyful. Your heart is always loving. So your heart is not variable. Your heart is subject to what the mind presents it.

Your body just is, so your body does not suffer. The body can feel pain but it does not suffer. Your energy, same thing. Your energy just is. So your heart just is, your body just is, your energy just is. The only thing that is not “just is” is what? Your mind. And so your mind is the only thing that can actually turn things away from you. Right?

So essentially, if the mind learns to have focus, absolute focus, where it’s no longer distracted by pain, this is another word for discipline, isn’t it? A human being is no longer distracted. And is resting in it. That’s the state.

Alexis Neuhaus