The Kingdom of Heaven

Every human being is seeking one thing. Everything we pursue, everything we look for, everything we desire is really one thing that we really want. All spiritual traditions talk about this. Many people call it enlightenment, the Buddhists call it Nirvana, the Hindus call it Moksha, the Taoists call it harmony with nature, and some people call it union with God. You may have your own name for it.

This is a real state, available to every human being all the time. There are many different ways to enter this state. You can do it through prayer, meditation, sex or being in the zone while playing sports. It’s like playing tennis and experiencing time slowing down. Everything becomes crisp and the ball turns so slowly that you can see the seams. In that moment everything is perfection. We like to call this The Kingdom of Heaven. This is what we are really practicing when we practice Tai-Chi!

You may think this is happening only during these special moments, but it is happening all the time. All you need to do is recognize it. It is like gravity, which is there all the time, but you only notice when you fall. Just as one can learn to be aware of gravity all the time, you can learn to always be in the state. It is so available that you can enter into it just by reading a description. We invite you to feel it as you read along.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and it is among us. It is a place where you are not trying to get anywhere, where you are not striving for something or trying to do anything. It is a place where you feel complete. It is a place where things are the way they are supposed to be and they are not supposed to be different. Things are perfect. It is a place of joy and beauty, a place of warmth and love. It is a place where your heart is full of love and you feel it overflowing in abundance. It is a place of meaning and happiness where there is intrinsic joy even when things are sad, where the very nature of things is beauty.

Your mind is free from struggle, your mind is free from problems. There are no problems in the Kingdom of Heaven as problems are a product of the mind. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no suffering, only meaning and growth that is a natural product of radiance and life. The Kingdom of Heaven is beyond any condition, beyond any reward. There is nothing greater than the Kingdom of Heaven, and there is nothing smaller than the Kingdom of Heaven. When you are with the Source, how can anything be lacking? How can there be lack of perfection and goodness? You are always in the Kingdom of Heaven, for the Kingdom of Heaven is the essence of all things. The only way to escape the Kingdom is to escape into the mind and away into your own creation.

The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be entered. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be exited. It is beyond reason, and beyond the mind. It bypasses it all together. It is through the Heart that the Gate to the Kingdom opens up to you, for Love is beyond reason. Through love, you find truth, and the truth shall set you free. The Kingdom of Heaven is complete freedom, for there is no untruth in the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no failure in the Kingdom of Heaven, only destiny. There is no you that you have to become, there is no you that is lacking, there is no you that you are supposed to be, and there is no you that you have to work on. You are already the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, you have been taken care of, you are being taken care of, and you will always be taken care of. You have no needs, and you are never lonely. Your heart is always fulfilled. All things are eternal in the Kingdom of Heaven, and there are no limits.

The Kingdom of Heaven is most precious, and beyond all treasures.

Alexis Neuhaus