Raising Your Unconscious

Our System can almost be summarized in this: that the conscious mind and the unconscious get along. They learn to become partners, or a team. It is like the parent and the child. You’ve got to be a great parent so you can raise the child in you. The conscious mind is the parent, the unconscious is the child.

This is how we do it. The conscious mind has to learn how to be in a non-dual state, meaning non-dual logic. Why? Only when there’s non-dual logic does the unconscious feel safe. So, this is process.

You first have to make it safe for the unconscious. That means reaching the place where you have no fixation or you have no more emotional charge. Why? Because, typically most of us cannot find out what we want because it’s not safe for us. We feel that if we make a choice we’re going to have some kind of consequence. In a non-dual place you realize neither consequence matters. Because all choices have a positive and a negative. At that point you’re no longer a bad person or a good person. Therefore there are no more consequences and the unconscious can go, “Oh, either one is fine!”

And so you can actually get to what it is it really wants. And when you know what it wants you can go beyond your limitations, because where we get stuck is where we do the things we do not want to do. Where we say, “Rationally I want to do this but for some reason I find myself doing this other thing.” Right?

And so what’s the only way for you to get there? It’s for you to be able to understand your unconscious and be able to guide it in such a way so it always feels safe and taken care of. And when you both learn to be partners, then it becomes a great relationship and you can achieve just about anything you want.

Think of where the biggest creativity a human being needs. It’s when the conscious needs to get the unconscious to do something. The process of the conscious getting along and being able to communicate with the unconscious is creativity itself. But our System is about relationship–it’s about our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with other people. And I believe that the experience of God comes when the conscious is getting along with the unconscious. You’re happy. You’re a really happy human being. There’s really nothing lacking. You can be in the depths of hell and you’ll be in heaven. Because somehow the conscious will be able to make the unconscious happy.

Alexis Neuhaus