The Journaling portion of our System is where you can reach Enlightenment. The Tai-Chi portion is really for full potential. They’re different. A human being can reach their full potential without Enlightenment. I see Tai-Chi people who have immense amounts of ability and mastery, and they have no self-knowledge. And enlightenment to me is when you stop getting in your own way. When you have saved yourself from yourself.


And this self-knowledge to me is Enlightenment. Traditionally if you look at all the mystical systems, what you will see is they do an immense amount of focusing meditation. That typically accumulates after about ten years, resulting in someone who has such good focus that they can keep all their thoughts organized in their mind. And as a result, what actually happens is they can see their own fixations. They can hold it all in their mind.


But most of us don’t have time for that, to sit somewhere and meditate for ten years. The question becomes, is there another way? And there is. Journaling frees up your mind to be in the now. Because, when you put it down you don’t need to hold it in your mind anymore. It’s external hardware. So it’s more memory plus extra attention. This accomplishes the same thing in a much shorter time. That’s my realization with this.


Journaling alone will not do it. My experience is that you do need some physical meditation. If you don’t have realization plus experience, meaning sensation or physical knowledge, its not real. If you have significant realization and it’s complete you will feel it in your body. Like an “aha!” moment. Your spine tingles, your brain is releasing chemicals like crazy, and you have a fundamental shift where you feel you have a knowing. After that you will have at least some fundamental change, even if it’s for a short moment. In a way what you’re looking for is a permanent “aha!”. You do need a physical component. But Journaling REALLY shortens your time. It makes it a lot easier.


You don’t need to wait ten years.

Alexis Neuhaus