It's not about being peaceful

The ultimate goal of the SUN SHEN System is not about being calm, peaceful, or in a zen state, unless that’s what you fundamentally desire. Our System is about having enough tools to have understanding about yourself to pursue that which you desire the most. Our System is based upon fulfillment, not abstinence or asceticism. We practice asceticism to understand what our deepest desires are, not to get rid of them.

Desire is not evil, it’s a fundamental source of energy, the core of our being, the core of our energy, the very reason we wake up in the morning. But because it’s so powerful, it gets us into trouble. If you look at all the places where we get into trouble, they come from where we desire the most.

Our tools are not here to help us not have desire and reach a state of peace where we don’t care about those things, or want them. It’s the exact opposite. Our tools are so we can pursue them properly, safely.

The things we desire most are typically not safe to pursue. There’s a lot of fear involved.

For example, I care about people so much that for the longest time, I thought the last thing I’d want is to be a leader. I was so scared of being a leader, because it actually mattered to me that I’m a good leader. The idea of being a bad leader was so frightening and devastating to me, I couldn’t even go there. It was not safe. To hear from anyone ‘You are a bad leader’ was such a traumatic idea! So who on earth would want to be a leader? I genuinely felt there wasn’t even a leader within me.

And then when it got safe, I realized I actually want to lead, but I was scared to. It’s the System that allowed me to be more honest with myself so I can reach deeper and deeper parts of myself. It is an on-going journey of claiming the parts that are scary.

Alexis Neuhaus