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Chi Clinic

An Interview with Master Sang Kim

Q: Is there something a person can do to be more receptive to Chi?

A: Yes, you can.

Master Chin used to say that it doesn’t really matter whether you believe in it or not, or what you do. If you send Chi, you get the benefits anyways. I agree with him; that is actually true. But I have felt that the person’s receptivity really makes a difference. For example, if you can lay down with your palms open, facing up, and you imagine you are receiving the Chi through your whole body, I found that really makes a difference. It works especially well if you have the attitude that you are basking in the sun, or feeling gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion of receptivity so it really makes a difference.

Some people might ask, “What if I donʻt feel it?” That is fine; the effects will be there anyway. But most likely what will happen is that after a certain period of time they will actually start feeling it strongly.

There are a lot of different reasons as to why people do not feel Chi. One of my oldest and most senior students, who was my first graduate, did not feel any Chi. He felt completely nothing for 6 months. Then all of a sudden, “boom!”  He started feeling it really strongly. He had really strong Chi.

For those people who cannot feel it, have some patience with that. It will come. For those people who can feel it, feel gratitude or imagine that you are really soaking it in.  

One really helpful practice for receiving Chi is meditation. If you meditate while you are receiving Chi, it amplifies and strengthens your meditation. All meditation has a profound effect on energy. It has a soft reinforcing effect.


Q: The one other kind of healing I know of that involves Chi is acupuncture. How is Chi healing different or the same as acupuncture?

The principles upon how acupuncture and Chi healing work is the same. If we talk about the mechanics of how this works, one aspect of it is that we have an irrigation system through our body through which the Chi flows, called meridians and vessels.

Acupuncture is where a needle is placed in what they call a “vital point,” which stimulates that point and promotes the Chi flow. Now, there was a researcher, an orthopedic surgeon, Robert O. Becker, who wrote a book called The Body Electric. In there, he wrote of his research where he took an electromagnetic voltmeter– I believe it is a voltmeter–and traced it down where a Chinese acupuncture meridian chart would suggest there was a meridian along a personʻs body. Whenever he would get to one of these vital points, he would see the voltage increase. What he found out is that human beings have a DC, or direct current. He found that the DC flows through these meridian charts. That is one of the reasons why people think that Chi is an electromagnetic force.

There, what they found is that because it is DC current, it actually works on water, so you need a pump. What they found out is that for the amperage, for the strength of the current, they would need a pump about every other inch. If you look at how far these acupuncture points are from each other, they are about an inch apart. These are pumps. These vital points are, if you will, Chi pumps, that create a current. When a certain part of the body is weak, what you do is stimulate that with a needle and basically it flows again. That is what acupuncture is. The only difference is in acupuncture you stimulate them with a needle and then in our case we stimulate it with sending Chi. The principle is the same.

You can do Chi healing as a primary technique or as an addendum. One of the most effective things you can do for acupuncture, acupressure, or any modality, is to add Chi. One of the things that Chi practitioners pride ourselves on is that we can make anything better, because whatever it is, Chi enhances it. Itʻs very effective to Chi someone receiving acupuncture treatment.


Q: What was Master Chin’s dream for the Chi Clinic?

A: Master Chin went to Baoding, China in the 1980s, if I remember correctly. There, he experienced a Chi Clinic that got him very excited… He had been a Tai Chi Master before that, but he had not been a Chi healer. Because of his Tai Chi experience he could immediately start doing Chi healing. He witnessed some miraculous events. There was this one particular mother who wheeled her son with cerebral palsy in a wheelbarrow into the Chi Clinic. They put them in the center of this raised bed that was circular. There were ten of these Masters surrounding the bed, who sent Chi. This person who could not move at all started rolling across the bed. I think it was a week after that that he could sit up. He could not do anything before that, and they were actually working towards seeing whether eventually he would walk.

Master Chin got to experience that, so he wanted to start the same concept in the US. He had this coin jar, and he would say “Oh, that’s for the Chi Clinic”. That was his main passion.

When I was training with him, I saw some miraculous things just in Master Chin’s home, with cancer patients and all kinds of things, actually. Things you didn’t expect. I saw firsthand what a powerful vision it was to have a place where people can basically come in and get daily Chi treatments and then be able to claim health in a completely new and different way. I felt that was such a powerful model that Master Chin was working on, that I wanted to continue it. And so, our Chi Clinic is a realization of his dream, if you will.

Master Chin’s dream was to be able to come up with a new model of health that would make obsolete modern medicine. Not from an emergency perspective, of course. If you get into a car accident, going to the Hospital Emergency Room is an excellent idea. I would not want someone to just Chi me if I were half dead. But, I would want someone to Chi me if I was in the ER because I have seen how helpful that can be. Modern medicine is strong and helpful. Where modern medicine is not so strong is in dealing with health, with prevention of disease and things like that.
I have been asked to Chi people in hospitals while they were getting surgery, or experiencing horrendously painful things like being burned and not being able to walk.  I have experienced those people, after surgery, being able to walk around with no pain and feeling normal.  The doctors and nurses were astounded, saying, “Well, that is unusual. We haven’t seen this before.” Or, after getting burned and not being able to do anything, people having the pain dissipated enough where they could just start walking around. If people have the opportunity to be Chi’d while they are having a surgery or similar modern medical procedure, I highly recommend it. From what I have seen, it makes a huge difference.  


For more information, and to sign up for a free week trial of the Chi Clinic: http://www.chiclinic.org


Alexis Neuhaus