In my youth, I was really after the ultimate martial art. When you are younger and you try to become powerful, you are basically going after the ultimate information! You are going after the POWER, because knowledge is POWER.

After I met my teacher Gabriel, I had an understanding. I had already realized that my teacher had incredible skill and was a master in what he was doing. Then there was a period where I began to realize he was a human being. My skill caught up and I felt like I could possibly push him. And then because I was after the information he had, because I was after the power, I started thinking: maybe he is not the best fighter; maybe he is not number one in the world, maybe I should go somewhere else. I was thinking about the other places I could go to study, the other information that is out there to obtain.

Isn’t it interesting? And so I am not saying this is happening in your mind. But I know this happened in my mind. And I came to an understanding some time afterwards: I wasn’t learning from Gabriel because he was the best martial artist. I wasn’t learning from Gabriel because he could defeat everybody. That wasn’t why I was there. Whether I became the best martial artist or not did not have so much to do with the information I learned, as how much I cherished the information. I also realized that whether I become a good student or not had something to do with the teacher, but had more to do with how much I learn to cherish the teacher. How much I allow that person to influence me. And it changed some things. I actually stopped searching, and started devoting, and that is when the gates opened.

Because then you are an undivided human being. There is a lot of good information out there. I am not going to say this is the best information out there in the world. I don’t even know what that means! I can tell you this: The next information I give, I want you to cherish it. And I want you to cherish this class. Cherishing is a practice. I had thought that I had loved my teacher, but when I realized this, I began to really love him, and I realized that this is the real practice. Something clicked for me. And that is a treasure.

Alexis Neuhaus