A Vision For Our Community

Do not pray for problems to go away. It is so weak. And worse yet, it never works. Pray for such strength that your problem is easy.


If you wish for a community that does not have any problems, you are going to be waiting a long time. It is an ideal not rooted in reality that is just waiting to fail. To recognize that you have the opportunity to create something incredible which the world has never seen before, to recognize that it is going to be full of problems, and that you have the desire to deal with them to reach that goal, that is powerful.


The only thing we need to learn as a School is how to handle problems better. And once we get there, I feel like we are going to be powerful. The reason I say this is because I do not want anyone in our School to be afraid of making a mistake. I want everyone to give each other that freedom. That is where power is. That is where acceptance is. Not making anybody wrong. Recognizing that there is no right and wrong and that things happen the way they need to happen.


We are going to be one spirited community. And in that, both heaven and hell will exist. The ones who understand this will be in heaven. And the ones who do not understand this will experience some hell. But we need to go here. This is really the only place where there is solace, true solace. Not man-made solace. Not weak solace, created by rules that are trying to protect people. We are not people who need to be protected. We do not need rules to protect us. If you have this, you will never need protection.


So that is the context. We are going towards a real society, a society where there will be real peace. You will always know where you stand with people. People will be genuine. And you can always resolve real problems. You will not have to ever wonder, “Should I say this or not say this?” You will say, “You know, why don’t I say this and then hash it out.”


We are going to be in a group that can really correct and adjust and love each other. And we can really help people. This is the vision, a simple picture of individuals who are warriors and masters and healers. A community where when somebody comes in they will have lots of problems. Where because the very nature of people having problems we will always have problems as long as we’re expanding. And even if we were not expanding we will still have problems because we are becoming masters and therefore will always see some new thing that can be better.


And if we understand that “problem” is a constant and “problem” is an absolute, then we realize that it is no longer a problem but an opportunity and the voice of God correcting us or directing us, more specifically. And that’s the kind of community I would like to be.

Alexis Neuhaus