When I first met the group, several years ago now, I was looking for instruction in the traditions of Tai-Chi as an internal art.  What I found in SUN SHEN was not only knowledge and the experience, but the willingness of the teachers, led by Master Sang Kim, to readily and enthusiastically share their knowledge.  Every student is greeted compassionately and accepted at her or his level so they may grow in their own way.  It is acknowledged that everyone, including the teachers, are in process of growth and self-realization.  Thus, rank is not as important here as is real learning through experience.  This makes class time precious and ultimately very special.  As the expression goes:  one learns to not only talk the talk, but, also, walk the walk.  And as students of Tai-Chi know well, this is what it is all about.

  • Peter Gluck, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alexis Neuhaus