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Working with Master Kim has, quite literally, been an answer to prayers (even the kind I didn’t know I had). My husband and I had experienced painful counseling in the traditional marriage therapy model. I knew it could be easier. As a healer, I was looking for someone with strong energy healing capabilities. As a scholar, my husband wanted someone who could reason with us and explain information. We found our perfect match in Sang with his light humor, down-to-earth wisdom, expansive intuition, and extensive intellectual knowledge. Sang uses his sharp intuition to get to the truth of an issue efficiently. He can clear stagnant energy with his healing hands while explaining research on successfully intimate relationships. The scope of what he covers is immense–from physical security (money, home) to emotional needs to sexual intimacy to spiritual purpose–and yet I have not felt overwhelmed.

Master Kim has a knack for organizing and explaining the process–reminding us how far we have come, and charting the path forward. He delivers wisdom in the most empowering of packages–teaching us how to use his processes, and information for ourselves. I consistently leave our sessions feeling enlightened and empowered. I am nearly always flabbergasted at the new information I learn and integrate in each session.

In just our first session, we immediately resolved unnecessary tension in our marital relationship. In subsequent sessions we have resolved sticky issues that have plagued us for years. I have learned more about myself and my partner in one year working with Master Kim than I did in 4 previous years of marriage. And, as we came across unexpected trials this year, working with Master Kim was a lifeline that helped us reach the other side in one piece.

We might have let the cost of sessions stop us from seeing Master Kim, but we’re both relieved that we chose to invest in his expert help. My only regret would be that we didn’t start sooner! I am so overflowing with gratitude for the immense transformation Master Kim has helped to facilitate that I would give more and more money over and over again. What he has gifted us with is invaluable, immeasurable, priceless and I am forever grateful.
— Emily Presley, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Our son was the first family member to seek Master Sang Kim’s assistance, and the results have been truly amazing. At that time, he was suffering from a number of ill-defined ailments and his life lacked direction and purpose. Working intensely with Master Kim over the years, he has turned a corner and is married and embarked on a new professional path.

Our daughter also worked extensively with Master Kim and, like her brother, she was able to become healthier, more focused, grow her work practice, and take a leap into a new professional field that appears to be her true calling.

While my wife and I do not live in Michigan, we have also worked with Master Kim during our visits to Ann Arbor, as well as through telephone consults and e-mail exchanges. He has skilfully helped us enhance our relationship as a couple and sharpen our vision and determination to seek personal growth.

In dealing with his clients, Master Kim brings to bear his grounding in multiple spiritual traditions, as well as his expertise in personal and organizational growth. Equally important, he has an unassuming demeanor and colors his exchanges with warmth, wisdom, compassion and wit.

For all these reasons, my family and I can enthusiastically recommend Master Sang Kim as a teacher, counselor and coach.
— Paulo Neuhaus, Washington, DC
When I first met the group, several years ago now, I was looking for instruction in the traditions of Tai-Chi as an internal art. What I found in SUN SHEN was not only knowledge and the experience, but the willingness of the teachers, led by Master Sang Kim, to readily and enthusiastically share their knowledge. Every student is greeted compassionately and accepted at her or his level so they may grow in their own way. It is acknowledged that everyone, including the teachers, are in process of growth and self-realization. Thus, rank is not as important here as is real learning through experience. This makes class time precious and ultimately very special. As the expression goes: one learns to not only talk the talk, but, also, walk the walk. And as students of Tai-Chi know well, this is what it is all about.
— Rabbi Peter Gluck, Ann Arbor, Michigan
One evening my instructor, Ann-Margaret, was leading us through a silent moving meditation of the 35 form. The absolute stillness in the room was inviting. The movements felt compelling. For an instant I felt a wash of peace and tranquility flow through my core. All worries aside, I felt extreme joy.

A divine moment to cherish, I have been shown a glimpse of why people seek Tai Chi.

Now I understand why I am here.
— JB, Ann Arbor, Michigan
I have to admit that I felt quite intimidated in my first week of practice. I had never experienced teaching like this: non-verbal and without separation of beginning and continuing students. It was a field day for my inner critic! But it didn’t take long to notice that the critic was not receiving any food here… the classes, lessons, and healing sessions are infused with compassion and respect; with guidance to awaken your own inner guide; with opening of a path to your own great truth. Whether it is through the movements of the form or the stillness of meditation; through community or individual sessions; the principles and values are consistent and clearly communicated by this gifted teacher and healer.

With great appreciation,
— Anita Rubin-Meiller, Ann Arbor, Michigan
I first came to Master Kim because I needed help in finding peace in my heart. I had no idea what would become of my visit. I can say after the first visit I felt met in a way that is very rare. I felt as if I was heard and understood. Because of this I have been able to see things about myself I have never seen before. I am learning ways in which to honor myself for who I am and understand the ways I deal with my feelings. I have learned to be more grateful for all that I have and find it easier to come to peace in difficult situations. I would recommend Master Kim’s service to anyone who is in search for a deeper understanding of themselves and interested in peace of mind.
— DK, Ann Arbor, Michigan
I came to Master Kim because I was foggy about what direction I was going. I did not have clear energy to keep moving forward in my life, and was aimlessly moving through my days. In just a few sessions, I had my energy back up, my direction was clear and I had passion to move into my next steps!

His clear sighted overview of my life, of the way my energy was being drained, as well as things I could concretely do to correct that, allowed me to take the next steps with courage and confidence. I have more joy and hope in my life than I have had in many years:) Life is grand!

I also had some physical issues that have been part of my life for a number of years, and one of our sessions started to clear that as well, so I can attest that his hands on approach about joints and energy has freed up my knees in a way that I had not thought was possible. I am now standing taller, walking further and pain free after many years with chronic issues.

Master Kim has assisted in my finding the energy to pursue my passion of music, helped my energies to become stronger and more coherent, and is helping me to reclaim my physical body and ability to move with grace and ease. He does this all with a big smile, a warm hug, and lots of excitement and energy. He is very inspiring!

I highly recommend Master Kim as someone who can assist you to be the healthy, passionate you, on many levels.
— Karen Thompson, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Two years ago I was entertaining the possibility of divorcing my husband of 27 years. To the outside world we had a strong, healthy marriage. We enjoyed relatively strong communication, the result of individual and couple’s counseling in our early years together. And we had two beautiful children. But some deeply rooted patterns caused me great distress and we were not able to push past them on our own. We would go along fine, then something would get triggered, and we’d find ourselves replaying the same old disharmonious tune.

After I had done some individual work with Master Kim, my husband agreed to try some joint sessions. My husband does not extend trust easily, but I can say that from the very start he felt safe and supported in our work with Sang; there have been many sessions where I was astounded at how easily he opened up. At the same time, I, too, felt safe and supported. No matter how frustrated I would be going into a session, by the end I had shifted to a place of healthy progress.

And how we’ve progressed! Now, both individually and as a couple, we are where I always dreamed of being but never thought we would actually attain. When buttons do get pushed and old patterns arise, we recognize what is happening and walk each other back to our place of harmony and light.

How have we accomplished this? Master Kim uses a wide variety of tools and techniques. Some of them are based in personality formation, such as the Enneagram and the Kolbe scale; some are based on Tai Chi principles; others are based on communication and relationship building. All of them, however, are woven together with Sang’s rare sense of integrity and his ability to read each person’s emotional, spiritual and physical state. Then he draws upon his wealth of experience and training to guide us to a place of understanding, respect and harmony.

While every step along our journey of nearly 29 years has been an important part of our evolution, it is with my deepest gratitude that I celebrate the transformational power of our relationship counseling with Master Kim.
— JS, Ann Arbor, Michigan