Morning Tai-Chi

Happiness is not a circumstance.

It is a cultivation.

When you practice Tai-Chi, you get to know a part of you that was hidden but that you have been looking for all your life: The power and potential that your body and mind are really capable of. This is because Tai-Chi is a small universe contained in one art-form. As you learn Qigong (Energy Cultivation), you learn about energy, the power that is not seen but operates all of life. As you learn the Form, you learn about your anatomical body, what it means to let go and feel freedom within yourself. As you learn how to fight, you learn how to interact with others without compromising yourself. Pushing hands training helps you see the world in a non-reactive, calm way, to listen carefully and stop making assumptions.

Practicing Tai-Chi allows you an experience of life in its full richness, so that this experience spreads through the rest of your life, like a pebble thrown in a pond.

Instructed by Master Sang Kim and Sifu Joseph Wang
Monday – Friday
7:00AM – 8:30AM
Practice starts at 6:40am, with class officially starting at 7am, and the doors are locked to ensure the quality of the class by protecting the students from interruption

One Week Free Trial
Tuition: $225/month

IMPORTANT! Read Morning Tai-Chi Class Policy Below First!

For more information or to sign up call (734) 531-8796 or e-mail:

Class Policy

The class starts promptly at 7AM. When the class starts the doors are locked to ensure the quality of the class by protecting the students from interruption. There will be no exceptions to this rule even if you are only one minute late. This may sound severe, but we have found that everybody appreciates this discipline and values the atmosphere that is created.

Please plan to be here by 6:45AM (15 minutes early). This will help you with unaccounted traffic, miscalculated time, getting lost and all the other mysteries that come with going somewhere first time. Look forward to seeing you in the morning!