SUN SHEN is a School of Spiritual Development offering Mysticism for the Modern World. We are committed to helping people have real spiritual experiences by going beyond their limitations and pursuing their full potential.

The training allows for deep spiritual experiences through the challenges of modern day life.

Founded by Master Sang Kim, a Christian mystic and a 5th generation Yang Style Tai-Chi lineage holder in the tradition of Master Gabriel Chin, we teach a complete System of Spiritual Development integrating these traditions, which includes Meditation, Energy Cultivation and Healing, Martial Art training, self-exploration and philosophical training.



The SUN SHEN System is an integration of Christianity, Taoism and the modern scientific approach into a unified system. It helps a person realize their full potential by fundamentally transforming themselves and maximizing all aspects of their life toward one focal point, their purpose in life. This encompasses spirituality, finances, work, health, relationships, sex, self-management (scheduling, prioritization, focus, getting things done), emotional development and counseling. It covers all parts of a human being and finds how they can work together toward your purpose.